(2)It started at three years of age… dancing phony ballet in the livingroom ~ and it never quit from there. I was a dance minor in college with a focus on improvisational dance. I got deeply into ethic dance to expand my movement repertoire in my 20’s …West African, Middle Eastern, Indian Odissi Dance and more filled out my moves. Then I was introduced the freestyle dance movement… every Friday night barefoot freestyle dancing at Dance Spree in Northampton. Even when tragedy struck and I became intermittently handicapped with a movement disorder called “Paroxysmal Dyskinesia”, I still would take the elevator up to the 4th floor, pour myself out of my wheelchair onto the floor and roll around for a few hours… nothing could stop me…. and still doesn’t today. Dance is my joy, my fun, my exercise, my solace. Here you will find my new movement video series, Hidden Handicap Dance Jam Series, where I dance both my joy, and my pain for you. Never assume anything. Even people who look like they are fully functional might have a secret you don’t know about. I’m one of them, and if you stay tuned, I’ll show, and tell you my story.


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