Healing Meditations

Tuesday evenings, 6 PDT 9 EDT

These are challenging times. Staying centered and positive with energy to move forward or forward it is harder to come by when we feel beleaguered by challenging experiences and circumstances …not to mention the news cycle that is like a horrible roller coaster. When we are in fight or flight it’s not just fight or flight it’s also fawn or freeze. So if you find yourself frozen and unable to do things that you know perfectly well that you can do… There’s a reason for it! Give yourself a break and let’s start on the wind all that straight stress so that we can figure out how to function at a higher capacity, in spite of stressors. The plan is for me to start offering these healing meditations once a week on Tuesday evening. The study time so you can tune in easily and have a guided opportunity to shift some things. Sometimes will be doing meditations other times it will be breath work other times it might be physical movement to change energy. Regardless they’ll always be some technique that will help you to have a bit more peace centered balance and healing from trauma and anxiety. I know there’s a lot of people who are financially hurting. So I’m going to offer a sliding scale. If you can pay the higher amount please do. It covers The healing meditations for some people who cannot do that. If you can , please pay forward so that more of us can get our back tires out of the mud. $70-$15 per class, depending upon how challenged you’re feeling right now. After all these calamities. Once you sign up through the PayPal link, I will send you the class zoom URL for this coming Tuesday. I look forward to seeing you then.

Healing Meditations , Tuesday nights with Sylvia Brallier