Hey, I won an award.

Wonder, Sylvia Brallier 2016

In fact, this is kind of a big deal!
I’ve been dealing with concussions so I couldn’t ride the wave anywhere….. yet. But I will, oh yes, I will. I’ve got plans for more of the same. But in the form of a touring museum show.


Multi-media artist Sylvia Brallier was named grand prize winner in an art show mounted by the Encyclical Gallery in response to Pope Francis’s “Encyclical on Climate Change and Inequality, On Care For Our Common Home.”   The exhibition ran from October 15 – November 19, at the Encyclical Gallery in Berkeley, CA. Ms. Brallier’s work specializes in fine art, music, and the written word, all of which were combined in her winning multimedia  installation at the Encyclical Gallery. Each of the three paintings exhibited in her specially constructed immersive installation featured paintings inspired by a poet’s relationship to The Nature Within . Each painting features a portrait of a poet and their experience of nature, accompanied by music (composed by Ms. Brallier) and this  poem

  Grand prize winner, Sylvia Brallier’s early studies in botanical illustration gave her an intimate look into the miracle of life on this planet. She is a lover of beauty and seeks to portray “just a glimmer of what the majesty of nature produces on a daily basis.” She has spent her whole life dedicated to using her various artistic talents to improve the quality of life for all beings on the planet.

In 1988, Sylvia helped to create multimedia programming for cable television as a part of a collective called A.M.U.S.E. (Artists and Musicians United to Save the Earth). They produced an arts and awareness cable show for Earth Day that was broadcast from hundreds of cable stations across the country.

Curators of the Encyclical Gallery Show, Elisabeth Jones MFA and John Tepley MFA have stated that, “What we are most impressed with by Pope Francis’s Encyclical ,is his love of the natural world, his connectedness to all life great and small, and his marvel and awe in creation. It’s a point of view in which everyone and everything is related. Justice is key in his vision. Justice to the poor, for those who are socially disadvantaged, for future generations, and to the different living creatures with whom we share the planet.”

Three awards were planned, which included both inclusion in the exhibit and cash rewards totaling $2,250. Ms. Brallier was the grand prize winner with Olivia Hill in second place, and the third award a tie between  Stephanie Bauer & Sean Brown.

Future plans for Ms. Brallier’s installation include expanding this Environmental awareness exhibit to a larger number of multi-media compositions, featuring poets from around the world, all sharing their love of  nature and their choice to actively participate in sustainable and life affirming art and lifestyle. Interested parties can learn more about Ms. Brallier and her work as both artist and activist by contacting her through this website.
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Disclaimer: On patron they want you to offer a lot of rewards ….but in fact I have no brains to give you the rewards I said I was going to give you yet, what with the TBI and all. Seriously doing my best. It has to be because you want support me for now, it might take me awhile to get to giving you your rewards. Thanks for understanding.

want to hear and see a finished piece?

go to this SoundCloud link for Gratitude and to hear my poem and composition for Wonder.

If you would like to buy prints, originals or make a commission that would really make me happy ..thank you. I would love to know that you’re enjoying some of my art in your home. I don’t have my online commerce set up yet but you can pay me through PayPal or Venmo. The costs are as listed larger pieces I might have to check into the postage a bit. Originals you’ll have to talk to me in person. Prices run between $750 and 50 K. Hopefully sometime this weekend I’ll be posting a page of lovely paintings that I do not consider my premium work so I will let them go for under the $750 Price sometime on Sunday I’ll get that done.

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