Artist Statement

My art beginning was in botanical illustration where precision and correct representation are key. But now I’ve gone wild. I choose colors, set an intention or a prayer, and then pour the paint onto the canvas. It makes its own art! Then I apply liquid paint… pouring color & pattern over the canvas. I stretch it out over the canvas to see what happens! Liquid paint adds an element of surprise (l never know how it will turn out!) Then, I interpret it like a Rorschach test. In refining, I remove the excess, the way a sculptor would carve away the obscurations to the form. I complete it with loose or exacting precision with brushwork, So you can see what I see as well. Best. Game. Ever.

I am fascinated by the magic of relative weights relating to paint and fluid mechanics of the acrylic pouring technique. Different color have different materials. Some are heavier than others, so it creates random patterns, some of which imitate things in nature. 

In 2016, I won a grand prize for National call based multimedia gallery art show in Berkeley, CA, based on the Pope’s climate change address. I produced  a small version of the Nature Within Multimedia experience, featuring my art, music and poetry as well as the poetry of others.

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