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 Edie Fake: Affordable Housing for Trans Elders, 2019; courtesy of the artist and Western Exhibitions, Chicago. Photo: JKA Photography.Virtual Roundtable Discussion: House and Home: The Transgender ExperienceSaturday, Sep 12, 2020, 4 PM PDT
Inspired by Edie Fake’s Art Wall project Affordable Housing for Trans Elders, this roundtable discussion addresses both the practical challenges of housing for the transgender community and the connected experience of “home” in relation to one’s body, family, and community. An intergenerational group of participants from a range of cultural backgrounds will contribute to the discussion.

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Artist Edie Fake is best known for intimately scaled work that explores trans and nonbinary experiences of adaptation and transition. For Affordable Housing for Trans Elders, he has visualized the complexities of queer space in a mode he calls “ecstatic architecture.”

Fresh “Lev” White is a diversity trainer and mindfulness teacher whose work aims to help people move toward a more authentic and compassionate way of living. A noted speaker, White has since March taught more than thirty online classes and workshops.

Leo Herod is actively creating a trans community on his property in San Pablo. He is presently doing a teacher training with Veterans Yoga Project focusing on mindful resilience, a yoga practice developed specifically for veterans recovering from posttraumatic stress and other psychological difficulties.

Sylvia Brallier is an artist and activist whose transgender identity involves being a fully expressed person for whom both the masculine and feminine are available for self actualization. They explain, “Some would call me non-binary, while I choose to express my identity internally and through my art as a “divine androgyne.”

Em Huang serves as resident director of Unity Floor, UC Berkeley’s LGBTQ immersion student living space. They have been involved with numerous campus gender equity collaborations.

Dr. Erica Anderson will frame and moderate the discussion. A psychologist with special expertise in gender issues, Dr. Anderson is an internationally recognized authority on transgender health and advocate for transgender rights.Strategic Partner


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