Many of the paintings in this collection were first some of my first acrylic attempts. I love to have Art in my house that wakes up my senses to something more refined a …higher way of thinking, being, and being aware. I love to make art helps people to remember their own sacredness.

Quan Yin in the Pose of Royal Ease

     Quan Yin is the Bodhisattva of Infinite Compassion. A bodhisattva is a figure who has achieved enlightenment, and may pass into nirvana… However, bodhisattvas elect instead to remain in this world, easing the suffering of all beings and helping others attain enlightenment. Quan Yin’s vow is to save those in danger or caught in suffering. Quan Yin is said to take on more than thirty different manifestations in quests to aid victims. In the pose a royal ease, she expresses the principle of Lalita, or sacred play. It is an active aspect of the bodhisattva where she transforms & heals with play and ease. Original- acrylic on Masonite.

Full Moon in the Desert

it is said, that in the antiquities of Egyptian culture that the initiation of the Isis priestesses was achieved through the handling of venomous snakes. If the priest has handled the snakes, and they did not bite her, she became an issue, and if they did bite her she would die. The test was to handle the snakes without fear because that’s what would make them strike. To be a master of one’s own fear is a super power! This is an early work created in 1989. It is oil on 16 x 20” canvas. $2300

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Strength and Mystery

Strength and mystery is an early mixed media piece that I created in 2000. It is acrylic and conte crayon on a 16 x 20” canvas. It represents the strength and mystery of feminine power. Prints only, the original is sold.

Mahavidya Tara

One of the ancient Hindu Mahavidya pantheon goddesses. She is the shabda, or sacred sound, summed up by the bija mantra “Aum.” She has the  eight great siddhis, represented by the eight  serpents. She cut attachments to things that don’t serve. She shows the way over troubled waters. Original: 24” x 30” Acrylic on Masonite. $4000

Dancing with Bastet

Bastet is in Egyptian cat goddess. There’s a lot of different suppositions about what breed of cat that Bastet was based on, but one thing we know for sure, cats were an important part of Egyptian life, in terms of protection of the home from rodents, as well as being symbolic for protection and sensuality. This painting is a self portrait created in 2008. It represents my love of dance as a spiritual path. The original is a 16 x 20” acrylic painting on canvas. $4500


Laughing Monks

Laughter is absolutely the best medicine! This painting of two young monks laughing is always an inspiration for me to lighten up and see the humor in things! It is a 12”x 18” acrylic painting On canvas board. $2200.

Light Bringer

This was the very first success story of my new style which draws from the deep unconscious instead of approaching the canvas with a plan. Normally, I get an idea for what kind of colors I want to work with. Then I prepare the paint, say a little prayer and see what happens! In a lot of ways, it’s more like approaching painting the way a sculpture would sculpt. I see the images that arise from the play of paint, and then I remove whatever is not that. Acrylic paint on canvas. 24” x 36” $6k

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Sanyasini After Dark

 Sanyasa is a form of  asceticism that  involves  renunciation of material desires & prejudices, disinterest & detachment from material life, Instead focusing on a peaceful, love-inspired & simple spiritual life. This painting is a reminder of what is most important …not what you own, but the content and character of your soul.Acrylic on Wood panel, 2’ square. $2700


Manjushri is a Bodhisattva who represents wisdom. He holds a sword in his right hand — symbolizing his ability to cut through delusion. In his left hand, by his heart, he holds the stem of a lotus flower, which bears a book — the Perfection of Wisdom teaching of the Prajnaparamita. He is seated on a lotus flower. The lotus grows from mud in foul water and yet remains unstained. It is considered to represent the purity of wisdom, which can exist in the midst of delusion without being affected by it. The Mantra.-Om Ah Ra Pa Sa Na Dhih . 40”x32” Acrylic Paint on Canvas. $4000