The smiling face of a child peeks out of a embryonic structure, picked out in swirling masses of green and gold on black. Gestation is a part of the Into the Void Collection, which features abstract expressionism works, set on a black background, like features set in the depth of space.

Nuit in Repose

Nuit in Repose of the into the Void series, focusing on brilliant abstract expressionist works on a black background. No, it is in Egyptian sky, goddess and the mother of creation. She is typically Shawn arched over the Earth face down with arms and legs hanging towards the Earth. In this painting, she is shown in repose while the sacred serpent of wisdom, Uraeus, drinks the milk from her breasts.

Alone Together

Alone Together is about the experience of doing deep inner work while someone else is doing their own deep work nearby. It’s so much easier to focus on staying in the good inner work while others are also holding the same intention. It offers more energy and a container for whatever should arise. I’m so grateful for the knowledge of what a difference that makes.


In the Beginning