From time to time I like to revisit the styles of various artists that I admire. My goal is to catch something of the feel of the artist, but interpret it in my own way, using my own methods and materials.

The Traveler

The traveler is off on his journey, walking down the road or path, taking in the beauty of nature. The journey is the lesson. From time to time and I strive to emulate the genius of some artistic master from the past. This is my tribute to Van Gogh. My goal is not to imitate, but emulate in the style of using my own methods.

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Poppy for Georgia

This painting is my tribute to Georgia O’Keefe, whose bold yet stark portrayals of the natural world inspired me. Nature, in all its mystery of form and color, is truly miraculous.

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The Modern Kiss

This painting is from my revisiting the Masters series. This is a revision of the kiss by Klimpt. A remarkable beautiful painting. However in that painting the woman is on her knees with her head crushed to one side. In the modern kiss the lovers meet face-to-face, Eye 2 Eye. While in every relationship, control Issues can always come into play. Control dynamics can be a positive thing. In the modern kiss, power is shared.

The Meeting

This was one of my happiest mistakes of my artistic career. I am utterly astounded at what the paint created. Well yes I did help. One of my Van Goghs from the Revisiting the Masters Collection, featuring new takes on celebrated painters.

The Bathers

The Singer

In this painting, the singer, I am experimenting in the style of Ray Lichtenstein. Instead of using solid colored dots I am using a liquid multicolor format, so that I am staying true to my own style, wild tipping my hat to an Artist of the past. This portrait of Lady Gaga was made to honor thus great singer and bold cultural icon.