I am fascinated by the magic of relative weights,  when it comes to paint and fluid mechanics of the acrylic pouring technique of painting. Different colors… have materials are heavier than others so it creates random patterns, some of which imitate things in nature. 

For me it’s a great Rorschach test…. And I just paint away which doesn’t belong. It’s a lot more organic as an improvisation than the rigidity of pure realistic representation.

I’ve always been fascinated by Jungian  symbols and the power metaphor has on the human psyche. These Rorschach pareidolias are perfect for bringing forth metaphorical works  To engage consciousness.  

One of the common themes you’ll see in my artwork is people with halos. To me, that symbolically represents the sacredness within each of us. Another common thing you’ll see is when I mix representative or realistic elements with abstraction. This speaks to the complex relationship between form and energy.

My paintings ar largely painted in the chroma scale on purpose. I paint with vibrancy to inspire wonder and awake in the eye to it. It says “Wake up! This life is a miracle!”

Language, culture, art and customs of people from around the world intrigue me.  I have a deep interest in religious iconography and spiritual art, particularly from the east. My intention is to make art that reconnects people to the sacred within them. Spiritual art is a reminder to return that which inspires and in so doing, be comforted, inspired, and awakened. My goal is to make art that makes spaces and people feel good. 

   I like to create both music and art that brings a sense of wonder, peace, awareness and wholeness. My art expresses the wonder at creation, and intends to inspire, comfort, encourage and enliven. My desire is to help people to connect to the best within them, so we can rise up together.

Sylvia Brallier