I like to create artistic experiences that speak to more than one sense. When several senses are involved there is a deepening of one’s experience through an immersion inside of an environment. The art becomes something that you’re within instead of something that you’re on the outside of. As a hypnotherapist, I know that when we take things in on several senses it has a greater ability to reach people, then approaching something from only one sense. Taking in the art becomes so much more. There is potential for not just an observation, but a felt sense.

I’m looking forward to many many many more multimedia immersion projects once I have the resources to branch out farther.

This painting is entitled, In All Her Forms. The piece of music composed for it, is called Goddess Invictus. For every figure that appeared in the painting, I added another compositional layer. I hope you enjoy this immersive art as much as I enjoyed making it.

She Averts Her Gaze
The Enchantress music and art by Sylvia Brallier
Unexpected Light -Time lapse Digital freehand drawing and music by Sylvia Brallier
Mischievous Dance – Time Lapse Free Hand Digital Drawing and musician sketch by Sylvia Brallier
Peony- Time lapse rendering of a digital drawing and musical sketching by Sylvia Brallier
Passion Flower – time-lapse rendering of digital drawing by Sylvia Brallier
Landscape in Blue and Green
Greater Egret painting and musical composition by Sylvia Brallier

Young man in the city, art and music by Sylvia Brallier

Syl’s Lilloquy

Enjoy this short time sped up video of me painting along with a rhythm jam I composed.