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Public speaking and performance are a big deal.  Did you know there are many people who are more afraid of speaking in public than they are of DEATH?
I have had the good fortune to coach some amazing talent over the last fifteen years. I’ve offered performance coaching to a whole range of clients, from big name variety artists to public speakers to  research  scientists looking to make their presentation more engaging in order to get funding.   I like to help people to not only feel more relaxed in front of a crowd or a camera, but to take their presentation up to the next notch, helping them to craft both the way in which they speak, and the way they present themselves to their audiences, leading to greater successes all around.

Here’s what they have to say about my work….

Jeff McBride Internationally known Magician “I’ve worked with Sylvia on  numerous production shows in Atlantic City and Las Vegas. I saw how her keen eye for detail helped polish our presentations. Sylvia has a deep understanding of social intelligence and she knows what moves an audience, and how to convey emotion in a way that is believable and entertaining. Sylvia help hone our scripts, body movements and choreography down to the essence, and this made the entire show more effective! I recommend her to anyone wanting to create a great show.” ~ Jeff McBride

Romany, Diva of Magic and Mistress of Ceremonies “If you know Sylvia, you’ll know what fun she is to be with, how generous, wise and delightfully mischievous she is.  As a director however, she uses her in-depth insight into character and personality to bring out subtle nuances which you might not even know you had and which will give you the edge on your performance potential.  Always kind, Sylvia has the best personality to be able to give you the tips and direction to guide you to bringing out your best work.  It was a delight for me to work with her and I wish the distance between us were less so I could work with her more often.” Romany, Winner of The Golden Lion Award and International Brotherhood of Magician British Shield Stage Competition and The Magic Circle Stage Magician of the Year.

“I just saw a great presentation” is not a common comment in science. Over 90% of interns fear their first scientific presentation to the point that it turns what should be the capstone of their achievement into a trauma. Sylvia came up to our summer program and showed our students that giving a great presentation is a skill that can be learned and continuously improved. It was a great benefit to them (and their future audiences) to find a new perspective on how to present their results clearly and entertainingly. After all, a great scientific presentation is not just data; it’s a story of discovery. Randy Von Smith, PhD Director of Educational Programs, The Jackson Laboratory (retired)

Kim Silverman, Ph.D.  Principal Research Scientist.  President, Silicon Valley S.A.M.  Sylvia is a unique, important, and valuable resource for magicians. At the Silicon Valley chapter of the Society of American Magicians, which is known for its emphasis on training magicians for high quality presentations of their magic, Sylvia has given coaching in several Master Classes. Her input is unlike that of any other coaches we have had (and we have had many of the world’s best!). Typical guidance from other magicians in such workshops is about how to hide the dirty work, how to pace a performance, alternative handlings, and the like. All this is crucially necessary, of course. But it is not sufficient. Sylvia’s guidance moves our performance from mere tricks to a deep and compelling experience for the audience. She brings an almost spiritual sensitivity to bringing out each performer’s own unique artistic style, helping us to discover what it is we really are trying to achieve with our magic, and then surprising us with creative and insightful ways to achieve or surpass that goal, to double or triple the warmth, whimsy, and beauty of our routines. Whether in one-on-one close-up, or stage magic for huge audiences, Sylvia has given guidance to make our routines much more compelling than we ever thought possible, how to move our audiences through a range of emotions and leave them with a lasting memory of the experience. I value her guidance greatly, and benefit from it whenever the (rare!) opportunity arises.


Eugene Burger Author, Magician 
Working with Sylvia is a delight. She greatly improved my delivery of stage dialogue and made it more realistic and emotionally engaging. Her sense of humor helped me get laughs when needed. Her precise and gentle work enhanced the strengths already existing in my performance and helped remove some rough edges.  Exactly what the doctor ordered!

Paul Draper Anthropologist, Mentalist, Public Speaker Sylvia Brallier has an easy way about her when she provides personal direction and coaching for live performance entertainers, which makes her feedback easy to integrate in a meaningful manner. She offers profound insight into how to promote show flow and experience. Sylvia Brallier was particularly insightful in her understanding of what a performer experiences before, during and after a show and how that affects the entire experience for both the performer and the audience. She provided tools and ideas to help create moments that would center the performer and the audience in preparation for learning, making the performance or learning experience more effective for all concerned. ~ Paul Draper, Anthropologist, Magician

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