Awakening the Sacred Fire


Sylvia Brallier takes us on a most amazing musical and magical journey on this CD. Awakening the Sacred Fire is sensual World trance music, with an eastern influence. It features lush vocal harmonies, poly-rhythmic beats, and lyrics that speak to the soul. It is a sonic feast for dancing and listening-to awaken the Sacred Fire within.



Praise for Awakening the Sacred Fire

What people are saying:

“Awakening The Sacred Fire is a wonderful weave of strong songwriting with trance dance sounds all spun together with threads of Sylvia Brallier’s liquid flute playing.”
Shawna Carol
Goddess Chant

“This CD represents a soundscape of musical emotion, reflecting the soul and passion of a creative artist.”

Julius P. Williams Professor of Composition Berklee College of Music
Director of the Washington Symphony Orchestra
Director, Visionary Records.



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